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Safe for People,
Pets, and the Planet
yet Kills Staphylococcus Aureus
Lab Certified sterilization products at best price online - Sterilize-It
Alcohol Free
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Lab Certified Sterilant;

KILLS Staphylococcus Aureus
ON CONTACT 99.99999%
  • Sterile Spray Lab Certified: Kills Staphylococcus Aureus ON CONTACT.

  • Trade Secret Non-Toxic surface sterilizer is safe for use on People, Food, and will not harm Pets, or the Environment.

  • 1-Step Fruit & Veggie Wash; Spray on, wipe off, eat or prepare as desired. No rinsing required.

  • Safe for food preparation surfaces, counters, cutting boards, utensils, appliances, etc. No rinsing required.

  • Will not trigger skin, eyes, nose, or lung issues like traditional chemical-based cleaners.

  • Safe to use on People; from head to toe, but we recommend avoiding the eye area. For external use only.

  • Safe to sterilize all non-porous surfaces; countertops, sealed granite, stainless steel, glass, laminate, and more.

  • Sterilize-It sterile water formula products are available in Spray or Wipes.

  • Unscented, No harsh chemical residue or fumes.

sterilization products

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak some products (sizes) are out of stock due to the high demand for packaging supplies, as a result, packaging, and sizes may vary. Thank you for your order and God Bless You, and May God Bless America.

Sterilize-It Technology

Lab Certified 7-LOG KILL RATE:
KILL’s Staphylococcus Aureus ON CONTACT 99.99999%

Sterilize-It is the world’s first non-toxic, chemical and alcohol free sterilant that is 10,000 X STRONGER and yet safer than all of the TOXIC sanitizers and disinfectants used today that are hazardous to your health and harmful to the environment.

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My Hands, My Hands!

I work in the educational field and I am constantly using chemical or alcohol-based hand sanitizers to the point that the skin on my hands is red, scaly, itching, and painful! A friend told me about this product so I thought that I’d give it a try and I am so glad that I did! It’s such a relief knowing that, no longer am I absorbing harmful ingredients into my body, my hands are healing and are doing so much better now!
I give Sterilize-It a 2-Handed High Five!

Jessie G, SC

It really is “safe”!

After learning the active ingredient in products that are typically marketed as ‘safe’ really weren’t ‘safe’ I can’t even begin to tell you how glad I am to have a truly non-toxic product in Sterilize-It. With its lab certification I can feel easy about using this product around my home and pets, and ON my grand-kids!
Lovin’ this Product!

Nancy D, SC

Great Product!

Good to know there’s a non-toxic product out there that really kills germs on contact and being lab certified takes some of the worries away.

Mark L, MI

No scent!

I love how this product is unscented and that it’s so easy to use. Just spray on and allow to dry, or just wipe off. Can’t get any easier than that.

Brendan T, MI

Thank you for this great product!

Over time, harmful additives and their fumes have given me allergic reactions that seem to have been getting worse, but now thanks to non-toxic Sterilize-It, in my house its, “out with the old, and in with the new!” and it sure has been a life changer for me! With no harsh chemicals added means that there is no smell what-so-ever and for that, my nose thanks you!

Julie B, MI

Honestly the cool colors and branding grabbed my attention first. Then after more research and learning how much better this product is I placed my first order right away! I am already referring my friends and family to start buying sterilize it cleaning products. They have an incredible line-up of cleaning products to choose from.


Sterilize It wipes and disinfecting spray is super handy to keep around the kitchen and bathrooms. It’s great for really dirty, nasty areas. I use sterilize it on all surfaces to keep my daughter germ free. I love cleaning my baseboards and countertops with these wipes.

Michelle B

I have been using Sterilize It disinfecting wipes mainly in my bathrooms. I feel it is a good and effective way to wipe down door knobs, faucets, and to keep everyone germ free. Having extra protection during cold and virus season is another reason I ritually use Sterilize It cleaning products.

Diana K

Luke 18:27 And he said, The things that are impossible with men are possible with God.