Sterile Spray, 1 Gallon


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Weight : 8.75lbs per 1 Gallon

Product Size : 6.2″ Dimension/Round X 11.6″ Height

  • Sterile Spray Lab Certified: Kills Germs & Viruses ON CONTACT.

  • Trade Secret Non-Toxic surface sterilizer is safe for use on People, Food, and will not harm Pets, or the Environment.

  • 1-Step Fruit & Veggie Wash; Spray on, wipe off, eat or prepare as desired. No rinsing required.

  • Safe for food preparation surfaces, counters, cutting boards, utensils, appliances, etc. No rinsing required.

  • Will not trigger skin, eyes, nose, or lung issues like traditional chemical-based cleaners.

  • Safe to use on People; from head to toe, but we recommend avoiding the eye area. For external use only.

  • Safe to sterilize all non-porous surfaces; countertops, sealed granite, stainless steel, glass, laminate, and more.

  • Sterilize-It sterile water formula products are available in Spray or Wipes.

  • Unscented, No harsh chemical residue or fumes.

Sterile Spray is renowned as a perfect disinfectant that can remove any infections around you or even on you!

However, you need to be extra cautious about selecting a sterile spray. You cannot just go for any spray because it has sterile written over it!

Well, one perfect Sterile Spray of 1 Gallon by Sterilize-It bottle is the one you can trust blindfolded!

Sterilization products from Sterilize-It have a lot of benefits associated with them. You can quickly get a sterile spray bottle by ordering it online and delivering it to your doorsteps. There are many reasons behind choosing a sterilizer spray due to the broader range of benefits associated with them.

Can be used on Hands, as a Fruit & Veggie Wash, and on any non-porous surfaces. Rinse with water if desired.

Here are all the benefits that you can get from sterile wipes and sterile Spray:

  1. First and foremost, they can be used for sterilizing hands, as vegetable and fruit wash, and as a sterile spray for surfaces, including porous and non-porous ones.
  2. A sterilizer spray is constantly tested in laboratories, thus ensuring that it is highly effective in killing germs and viruses coming in its contact. The sterile spray bottle products are non-toxic; thus, they can be used over the human body, apart from the other surfaces for sterilization and disinfection. They are safe to be used during food preparation too.
  3. Traditional chemical-based cleaners can cause skin, eye, nose, and lung irritation, but these sterilization products do not. People can use them from head to toe, but the eye area should be avoided.
  4. All non-porous surfaces, including worktops, sealed granite, glass, stainless steel, laminate, and more, are safe to sanitize with them.

Order the perfect sterile Spray today!