Why Sterilize-It? Breathe Easy!

Here at Sterilize Technologies, our goal is to help clean up the environment in which we live. And that begins with our proprietary Trade Secret products. Sterilize-It is the world’s first lab certified sterilant that is 100% safe for the 3 P’s… People, Pets, and the Planet!

Q. Why isn’t Sterilize-It products sold in stores?

A. By eliminating the middle man, slotting fees, shipping fees, and other monthly fees required by big box stores, we take that savings and pass it on to you!

Q. Why isn’t your full line of products sold singularly?

A. It’s an environmental concept for us. Products less than 32 ounces are only sold in 4 or 6 packs with the purpose of ‘refilling’ and re-using them as long as possible, and therefore, cutting back on excessive ’refilling’ of plastic waste into our landfills.

Q. Is your Sterile Spray Hand Sterilant and your Sterilize-It Surface Spray the same product?

A. Yes! Our hand sterilant and our surface spray is the same product, only labeled differently for specific uses, and that is how purchasing Sterilize-It products promote simplicity, peace of mind, and ease of refill.

Q. Concept #2, NO More Clutter!

A. Searching through hordes of cleaning products for the one that you want is a chore in itself. Simply buy refills by the gallon, case, or larger. Multi-purpose “Sterilize-It Hand & Surface Sterilizer” kills germs, cleans and degreases all non-porous surfaces and thus, eliminates the need to purchase many other cleaning products, and that my friend, eliminates clutter!

Q. How can your products kill germs and viruses without using some kind of alcohol or other harmful additive?

A. That’s a Trade Secret, but with lab certification you can be assured that there isn’t anything harmful like the alcohol and chemical based products that are widely used today for lack of any other option… that is, until Sterilize-It!

Q. Are products made with alcohol that are marketed as safe, really safe for us and our children?

A. FACT #1; ALCOHOL IS DANGEROUSLY FLAMMABLE. FACT #2; ALCOHOL IS VERY HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH! Passive Alcoholization refers to an unintentional alcohol intake via inhalation and/or dermal absorption. Excessive use of these products result in an overload of alcohol which then can lead to harmful reactions such as: red, dry, irritated, itching and burning skin. And that is only what you can see from the outside. You can only imagine what it’s doing on the inside, and what’s even more frightful to think about, is the damage that can be done to children’s young tender skin and organs!

Children are innocent and trusting as they look to us for safety, and to know the right things for them to put into their bodies. Take food for instance, we feed them right in the hope that they grow strong and healthy. Well, we also know that killing germs and viruses on and around them is also very important as well. In order to properly protect us, our children, pets, and our environment people need to research the “active ingredients” in a product and learn on their own what products are right for them, and not just “trust” what they’re being sold. When the VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) of alcohol are inhaled and absorbed into your skin it then makes a beeline into your bloodstream. There are many studies on what alcohol does once inside the body. Here is just one: (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2954566/ see specifically #5).

Q. Free Shipping on a purchase of $75 or more?

A. Yes! This is another brilliant concept of ours, less stress! Everyday stressors can take their toll. Busy schedules, family life, health concerns, rush hour traffic, bosses, time clocks, mortgages, rent, groceries, gasoline, utilities… clutter… the list goes on and on… But, when purchasing from Sterilize-It.com you can be assured Honest and Fair pricing, No Hidden Fees and nothing to keep you guessing, looking for the fine print, or having to comparison shop looking for the best deal.

Why Sterilize-It? Sterilize-It’s non-toxic, multi-purpose formula can simply replace and de-clutter many of the toxic chemical-based disinfectant health hazardous cleaning products and hand sanitizers in your home, business, or work place. With our easy to navigate website and free shipping option, there are just a few simple steps in creating a customer account so that every time you return to Sterilize-It.com for more, there is nothing else to think about other than to simply decide how many Sterilize-It products to add to your cart! Another great concept of ours to make your every purchase quick and simple! Breathe Easy!

Simply Sterilize-It!