Sterilize-It will build on the loyalty of moms, from the first phase of the household campaign, to the launch of a new set of on-the-go travel-size hand sterilizer sprays and wipes in containers that would be in the shape of various icons (sports, nature, toys, etc.).

In addition, just like other manufactures in the food and health industry who personalize containers, in the future, Sterilize-It can offer online orders of our products with embossed personalization of names for Schools, Churches, Sports Groups, Youth Groups, Child Care Centers, and etc.


Sterilize-It will seek to release a new product regularly in order to continue to innovate and meet the needs of consumers through scent, cleaning properties, and new technologies.

John R. Davis

John R. Davis, CEO

John R. Davis is a Christian inventor, Native American Cherokee Indian and United States Army veteran who has over 30 years of entrepreneurial new business experience in Research & Development of water molecule technology Trade Secret processes. From product concept, creation, ingredient formulations, branding and trade-marking products he has successfully launched products with retailers such as Albertsons & Costco and many others. Mr. Davis has optimized relationships and networks of host relationships with business owners including Mey Eden Springs water in Israel and the Coca-Cola Chief Science Team in Atlanta Georgia.

John’s expertise is reflected in his passion to continuously develop all-natural water product technologies. With his “think-outside-of-the-box” creativity he continuously and passionately works to develop healthy acid-free and chemical-free alternatives for the home, workspace, and the health, and the food and beverage industries. His family of products are friendly to the three P‘s: PEOPLE, PETS & PLANET!

Interestingly, Mr. Davis most likely gets his entrepreneurial spirit from his Great-Great Grandfather Archibald P. Newton who was from, and who was the 1st mayor of Cheboygan, Michigan. A.P. was a successful entrepreneur and product manufacturer and formulator in the mid-1800’s who supplied 900 tons a year of his own proprietary solution used for processes in the tannery industry. A.P. sold products worldwide from Mackinac City, MI and from St. Helena island. The latter, he not only owned the island but he owned and operated a general store where he traded with the local fisherman and Native American Indians who canoed up and down the straights of Northern Michigan trading their wares. John’s pedigree has also been traced back 18 generations to his Great Uncle Sir Isaac Newton who was from the maternal side of their family tree.

Mr. Davis’ number one passion is God, Prayer & Family. Followed by his hobbies which are Inventing products, singer song writer, guitar playing, hunting and fishing.

Jamie Davis

Jamie Davis, EVP

Jamie Davis, originally from Orange Park, FL was raised in Milford, MI in a large and loving Christian home by parents who loved God and taught the Gospel of Christ, and served in the United States Navy. Her father was also a self-taught watch-maker and jeweler and after 20 years of military service when he mustered out, he was also a baker and a Pastor. Jamie’s mother was a devoted homemaker, mother of 6 children, and was a supportive pastorate wife to her husband. From an early age, Jamie grew up in the family bakery business and has experience with food development and preparation, quality control, and sales & marketing. She graduated from Novi Christian School, earned a Cosmetology license, and continued working in the health and beauty, and food service industry where she honed her skills further in business management, customer service and public relations.

Jamie has also worked as a private caregiver for many elderly people and has many cherished moments. One, being able to keep her beloved mother Linda at home with her as she prepared to reunite with her husband Bunyan “Dan” in Heaven. Jamie and John were at her mother’s bedside as she beheld her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and left this world for her eternal home in Glory.

Through Jamie’s love of serving others, her hope is to one day create a God inspired foundation to help those less fortunate than herself. Jamie has two amazing and smart children, and equally so, 1 grandson.

Jamie enjoys horseback riding, sailing, biking, personal fitness, cooking, reading, movies, and books.

Jamie’s Motto: “Life’s peace is God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit whom together has made all things possible and therefore without this Trinity within us there is no peace or hope…”