premium sterile cleaning wipes

We all spend tons of time and effort sterilizing our home environment. Regular soap or detergent may not provide the protection we require against germs and viruses. While you may think it is clean, the resistant bacteria and germs persist.

Premium sterile cleaning wipes from Sterilize-It are a one-man show against germs and bacteria of all kinds. The wipes are safe for use and aren’t harmful to your pet and the environment.

The secret Sterilize-It formula is free of alcohol and toxic chemicals but still provides adequate protection against germs and viruses that may cause infections or diseases. The sterilization wipes for disinfecting are pre-soaked in our disinfectant formula. We also offer disinfectants in the form of spray bottles, but wipes are more convenient to use.

The wipes are made for single use and are disposable. Make sure you dispose of the wipe after use. Do not save or wipe off multiple surfaces or items with a single wipe. You will be helping the microorganisms to spread rather than yourself.

The premium sterile cleaning wipes meet the EPA Safer Product Standards. Our alcohol-free surface and hand sterilizer wipes are an essential addition if you want to maintain proper hygiene in your homes.

sterilization wipes for disinfecting

How to Use Sterilization Wipes for Disinfecting?

As premium sterile cleaning wipes are already dipped in disinfectant, you can simply use them out of the box. You may use sterile wipes for disinfecting your hands, kitchen surfaces, and sink. When using the sterilization wipes for disinfecting, you need not rinse off your hands or the surface. It is because the surface and your hands are already clean of any germs or viruses.

The sterile wipes can also be used on materials that carry a lot of bacteria, such as keyboards and light switches. The premium sterile cleaning wipes will not damage your electronics.

As the wipes are alcohol-free and do not contain any harmful chemicals, you can use them in the kitchen without worrying about anything. You can clean all the fresh vegetables and fruits you bought. There is no need to rinse them off with water after cleaning them with sterile cleaning wipes. Also, you may use wipes to clean the kitchen surface, appliances, counters, chopping boards, and utensils.

The wipes can also be used on surfaces such as stainless steel, granite, marble, laminate, and countertops. It does not leave any chemical residue on surfaces. The bathroom surfaces should also be cleaned regularly, and you may use premium sterile cleaning wipes to clean your bathroom accessories.

The Sterilize-It premium sterile cleaning wipes can be used almost anywhere in your home. You may also use them on your hands and foot or clean off any part of your body. The wipes are alcohol-free and do not have any reactions when they come in contact with the skin, unlike other traditional disinfectants. However, it is advisable to avoid using sterilizing wipes near the eyes.