Sterile Spray Hand & Surface Refill Starter Kit

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4 piece – 2 oz, 8 oz, 32 oz, 1 Gallon

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Can be used on Hands, as a Fruit & Veggie Wash, and on any non-porous surfaces. Rinse with water if desired.

4 piece – 2 oz, 8 oz, 32 oz, 1 Gallon

  • Sterile Spray Lab Certified: Kills Germs & Viruses ON CONTACT.

  • Trade Secret Non-Toxic surface sterilizer is safe for use on People, Food, and will not harm Pets, or the Environment.

  • 1-Step Fruit & Veggie Wash; Spray on, wipe off, eat or prepare as desired. No rinsing required.

  • Safe for food preparation surfaces, counters, cutting boards, utensils, appliances, etc. No rinsing required.

  • Will not trigger skin, eyes, nose, or lung issues like traditional chemical-based cleaners.

  • Safe to use on People; from head to toe, but we recommend avoiding the eye area. For external use only.

  • Safe to sterilize all non-porous surfaces; countertops, sealed granite, stainless steel, glass, laminate, and more.

  • Sterilize-It sterile water formula products are available in Spray or Wipes.

  • Unscented, No harsh chemical residue or fumes.

Sterile Spray Hand & Surface Refill Starter Kit

Avail the benefit of non-toxic hand and surface sterilizer sprays in one package to get rid of all infectious germs and viruses effectively! Sterilize-It brings to you a 4-piece sterilization kit to fulfil all your decontamination requisites!

The package includes amazing sterilizer spray bottles of different quantities to help you even carry them whenever you desire. to be used for an array of purposes, including sterile spray for the surface and body. The package has a sterile spray bottle with refill packages, thus ensuring a longer-lasting usage without reordering in shorter spans. There are three sizes of bottles, including 2 oz, 8 oz, and 32 oz, to ensure that they can be carried anywhere or used for several purposes and can be refilled using the refill bottle of a larger size (1 Gallon).

Sterilize-It offers this exclusive combo of sterile spray hand and a surface refill starter kit. Its products have the efficient sterile spray formula to be used extensively across various surfaces. It is also lab-tested to ensure the best actions of cleaning germs and bacteria and assuring a safer and hygienic surface.

The best aspect about this sterilizer spray is:

  • It is safe to be used on even food items. So, spray the spray on that apple without worrying about toxicity.

  • Safe for use on the human body.

  • It is devoid of any scented fragrance.

  • You can sterilize any kind of surface with this Sterilize-IT package of disinfectants.

So, what are you waiting for? Order this Sterile-It spray package and make your environment safe!